My goal? Happy kids who love music, for life. 


I help young students realize their fullest potential through music. 

Here’s what I offer 

Regular performance opportunities

Chamber Music

Variety of styles, genres and learning methods and techniques (classical to jazz, to movie music to pop songs!)

Increased self-esteem, curiosity, and drive, and feelings of pride in accomplishment

A vehicle for self-expression

An Invitation to a World of Possibility

Introducing your child to the world of music is an invitation into an endless realm of learning, curiosity and creativity. Studying music gives your child countless confidence building experiences and a deeply fulfilling social and community engaging opportunity. 

Using my own method, combining both wisdom from my own teachers and my research into neuroscience, development, psychology and pedagogy, I bring a unique perspective to each student- teaching them through where they naturally light up and are already curious and gifted. 

Here's what some parents (and students!) are saying

"Because I love Matthew"- Luca, age 7, when asked why he loves cello so much. 

"Practicing isn't a struggle anymore."  Tom, parent

"He found a way to make it fun again. That for us, is priceless." Jules, Parent

"Matthew helps us feel like he's got it under control. We finally feel like we can trust his guidance for Lizzie." Dominic, parent

"The group classes and recitals are a blast, and it's great to meet the other parents and students". Kim, Parent