Learning notes, playing with beautiful sound on your favorite song, or learning effective practice skills so even you can fit it in to your busy life-

The Solutions Are Here. 


Adult Adventurer

Deciding to pick up the cello is an exciting and adventurous endeavor! I celebrate your courage and willingness to learn something new, or to revisit your old cello skills. We'll get you making beautiful sounds, playing fun music, joining my quarterly group class and developing refined practice skills for that busy schedule of yours. 


The Young Learner (6-18)

Starting cello at a young age is about developing a life-long love of music. I focus on each student's unique abilities and interests so I can tailor fun and challenging lessons for each student. My method encompasses learning technique through actual music, from both classical music and music from all genres, including pop, jazz and rock. I lead the student to develop and enhance their creative problem solving skills, self-evaluation, creativity and imagination.


I'm different-

Don't fall into one of these categories?

Send me a message and let me know who you are!

Things that are helpful for me to know are your interest in learning the cello and why you chose it and any experience you have in playing music. I look forward to speaking with you!